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Premier Membership

cashforaction is offering our members a chance to cash in on our future success by offering the Premier Membership to you. The Premier Membership is available to all of our members regardless of your location or age.

Testimonials for our Premier Membership will be using some of the money earned from premier Memberships to fund advertising and the rest will be used to fund the additional referral payments that we will have to make because all members will have a referrer.

Benefit 1: Free Advertising

As a Permier member you will receive 200,000 banner impressions, and 1 free Paid Email to all our Members. This alone covers the price of a Premier Membership!

Benefit 2: Bonus Referrals

We guarantee that you will get minimum 20 Direct Referrals in 10-12 Days of Joining Premier Membership.

This is the main feature that will tempt you as more referrals will help you earn a lot more from us. Every time that somebody signs up with and leaves the Referrer ID box blank, we will allocate that referral to a Premier Member! Most of the time, you will not only gain one direct referral rather many more indirect referrals because of our 5 levels of referrals commission structure. This is because any bonus referral allocated to you will probably then go on to get referrals of their own, and their referrals will probably also get referrals too! You could get lucky and get one of those big referrers as your referral. All of these referrals will earn you more money which should eventually pay for your Premier Membership over and over again.

As an example, if we had 6000 new members sign up in a week and 1200 of these left the referrer box blank, and we had 200 Premier Members, each Premier Member would earn 6 direct referrals each, with the potential of many more indirect referrals!

Benefit 3: Lifetime Membership

When you buy a Premier Membership, you will be a Premier Member for as long as you are a member of You will never have to pay another fee to remain a Premier Member.

Cost of Premier Membership

For a Limited time It only costs $15 to become a Premier Member. Once you send the $15 amount to us and on receipt of payment we will upgrade your status to Premier. Payment can be send using E-currency Paypal, Alertpay, Perfect Money, Liberty reserve and Webmoney.

To get our Respective ecurrency payment ID, Please send us an email from site contact us page. In the email, Please include your Login Name and the E-currency you want to use for Premier membership payment.

Terms and Conditions may change the benefits at any time except for the lifetime membership and the referrals. Premier membership fees are nonrefundable. We do not guarantee how many referrals you will get after the commited 20 Referrals. The number of referrals you will receive depends on the number of Premier members we get but with more Premier members we will be able to purchase more advertising at other sites.

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